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Automotive Privacy Protection (APP)

Created for dealership compliance officers

Automotive Privacy Protection (APP) provides everything dealers need to implement an Information Security Program (ISP), mandated by the Safeguards Rule, and an Identity Theft Prevention Program (ITPP), mandated by the Red Flags Rule.

The APP program provides modifiable policy, role description and auditing templates, plus a handbook with step-by-step implementation instructions to guide the Corporate Compliance Officer in installing the dealership ISP and ITPP.

A virtual orientation with the Corporate Compliance Officer will cover regulation requirements and introduce the risk assessment checklist, policy development template, management/employee training and monitoring.

Forms and resources for ongoing maintenance are available to download and customize at no additional cost. Discounts available for ADCO members and multiple rooftops.

Implementation Options

There are two ways you can install APP in your dealership. Simply contact the appropriate representative below for the implementation option you choose.

  1. On-site assistance to implement risk assessment, policy development, management/employee training and monitoring. The implementation cost will be based on travel, size of dealership and number of rooftops. For on-site implementation, contact Judy Vann Karstadt.
  2. For remote webinar training, management and program support or to address compliance concerns, contact Randy Henrick.

Judy Vann Karstadt, MPFS, DCOP
Risk assessment, policy development, management, employee training and monitoring.

Linda Robertson
Webinar training, management and program support, or help addressing compliance concerns.

Going forward

ADCO recommends ongoing support and policy enforcement.

Dealer Safeguard Solutions provides digital enforcement and fraud protection. For more information, contact Doug Fusco, CEO.

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Know the Facts!

It is an FTC violation of the Safeguards Rule and Red Flags Rule if your dealership doesn’t have an operational Information Security Program (ISP) and Identity Theft Prevention Program (ITPP) – even if a consumer’s information hasn’t been compromised or an identity theft hasn’t occurred.