14 Apr 2020
Exotic Car Dealership Finance Manager

Audacity, Chutzpah, Gall and a Three Million Do...

  • By Terry O’Loughlin

A long time finance manager, with over a decade of employment at a prominent exotic car dealership, was sentenced to jail for over six years in late February.

07 Apr 2020
USA ID Recovery Data Management

Data Management / Data Security - Ready or Not?

  • By Richard Finney

Consider the potential damage if the data in your Dealer Management System (DMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) were hacked or compromised.

31 Mar 2020
Performance Relief During Pandemic

Contract Force Majeure Clauses may Provide Perf...

  • By Randy Henrick

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to impossible for dealers to perform certain contractual obligations. Especially where shelter-in-place orders are in effect.

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