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We invite companies to support us in providing compliance officers with the training, tools and resources they need to transform a challenging maze of state and federal regulations into a seamless compliance system. Below is a growing list of those that have committed to our cause.

Privacy4Cars is a rigorous, patented process to delete the data cars store. It reduces your risk and is valued by consumers. Use it for trades, lease returns, and loaners: unlimited VINs for a small monthly fee.

Vehicles contain lots of electronic Personal Information, which is regulated under the new Oct 2021 FTC guidelines on the Safeguard Rule as well as by hundreds of state laws. Class action lawsuits in this area are costing millions of dollars, and up to hundreds of thousands for single plaintiffs.

Privacy4Cars offers the first and only patented process to delete Personal Information including phone numbers, call logs, text messages, garage door codes, and more that would otherwise remain stored in modern vehicles' systems after a handoff.

We offer:

  1. A process that is simple, fast, and intuitive that delivers superior results and your personnel will love
  2. A written procedure for every VIN with detailed deletion records generated by design that are trusted by some of the biggest names in automotive to meet compliance requirements
  3. Deletion certificates that you can share with your customers to show how you care for their privacy and data security
  4. The ability to offer value-added services (such as our "Trade-In Peace Of Mind" offering)

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