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Dealership Compliance Officer Certification

Path to Compliance Officer Certification

Dealership Compliance Officer Certification consists of six modules that build upon the entire spectrum of regulatory compliance in the automotive industry. Below is a brief explanation of what each course module covers.


The Framework for a Compliance Management System

First step in Dealership Compliance Officer Certification. Gain an understanding of the basic framework to build and manage an effective compliance and ethics program.

Sales, Finance & Insurance Regulatory Compliance

Module 2 addresses the highest risk areas of the dealership by including a full suite of F&I federal regulations and compliance expectations - from advertisement to delivery.

Human Resources & Business Administrative Regulatory Compliance

Module 3's emphasis is on employment law, hiring the right people, and federal regulations that apply to business administrative practices. Many dealership non-compliance practives originate from these business units.

Parts & Service, OSHA Regulatory Compliance

Step by step compliance guide to OSHA requirements, workplace safety and guidance material is introduced in Module 4. Learn what makes the workings of Parts and Service compliance an essential cog in the dealership compliance engine. ADCO's OSHA online training module is provided by ComplyNet.


Delve into the leadership skills and ethical behaviors required to execute an effective Compliance Management System in Module 5. With "bumper-to-bumper" compliance education, the Dealership Compliance Officer is prepared to implement and manage an effective program for protecting the dealership.

Dealership Compliance Officer Professional Certification

DCOP certification requires:
  • Attending ADCO Seminar and Certification courses offered throughout the year
  • Complete the Information Security Program Workbook
  • Complete Leadership inventory assessments include:
    • Enneagram
    • Behaviors - 16
    • DiSC
    • Complete leadership assessments
Certification exams are completed online. The test taker has 90 minutes to complete the 130 multiple choice questions with an 80% or above passing score.

Basic Essentials Certification

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