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Randy Henrick - Henrick & Associates

Randy Henrick, JD

President - Henrick & Associates

Randy Henrick is a 30-year expert in consumer protection laws, auto dealer sales, and F&I compliance. Randy is the President of Henrick & Associates, He worked for 12 years for Dealertrack, Inc., as its regulatory and compliance attorney, wrote Dealertrack’s Compliance Guides, and has extensive experience in all aspects of front-end compliance.

Judy Vann Karstadt - JV Solutions

Judy Vann Karstadt, MFSP, DCOP

President - JV Solutions

Judy Vann Karstadt is president of JV Solutions, with 35 years of experience in the retail automotive industry Judy is a leading consultant providing customized in-house training solutions in regulatory compliance, sales, F&I, and management for the automotive industry.


ComplyAuto Privacy

Dealership GLBA tools

The FTC's revised Safeguards Rule goes into effect on January 10, 2022. Dealers must comply with a host of new requirements or otherwise face penalties of up to $46,517 per violation. Let ComplyAuto do the hard work and keep your dealership GLBA compliant for a fraction of that cost. More at

Doug Fusco

Doug Fusco

CEO/Founder - DSGSS

Doug is the CEO and founder of DealerSafeGuardSolutions, the industry’s leading Digital Compliance Enforcement Platform. He started DSGSS to provide dealers with a simple, effective, affordable solution to a consistent problem. While the risks of non-compliance continue to grow! DSGSS solves this problem for dealers nationwide.

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