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Join us for training on the federal regulations that impact the dealership and instruction in creating and managing a compliance management system (CMS). You’ll receive step-by-step guidance with tools that you can put to work immediately – thereby minimizing risk to your dealership and protecting its bottom line.

The ADCO Seminar includes:

  • Training on the essential elements of an effective Compliance Management System:
    • Compliance Oversight and Accountability
    • Delegation of Authority, Policies and Procedures
    • Compliance Communication Plans
    • Best Practices for Employee Training and Education
    • Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Auditing
    • Compliance Investigation
    • Discipline and Enforcement
    • Response and Prevention
  • Review of federal regulations that impact the dealership, i.e., F&I and sales, advertising, marketing, human resources, business operations, parts, and service
  • OSHA - Environmental Health and Safety module
  • Training delivered by compliance leaders in the automotive industry
  • Leadership skill assessments conducted by the Purpose & Performance Group
  • Complete an Information Security Program outline (Safeguards Rule)
  • Optional online Dealership Compliance Officer Professional (DCOP) Certification Examination

As a member of the first generation of our industry’s dealership compliance officers, you’re always looking for ways to satisfy compliance requirements as efficiently as possible. ADCO’s Compliance & Certification Seminar provides the strategic training you need to do just that – and more!

Registration Fee:
ADCO Members $650.00
Non-Members $975.00

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